Growing up in South Louisiana

I can remember when I was younger going to see my Dad’s family and sitting on the front porch just listening to them talk.

My sister and I were only able to make out a few words but the language had always fascinated me.

In high school I had been so excited to take French classes. Now I will finally be able to talk to them in their language (plus I would be able to know if they were actually talking about me). Much to my disbelief the French language is a far cry from Cajun French. Sure some words are close to the same, but it was still very difficult to pick up on most of the words.

When my husband and I moved back down to Louisiana we settled in a different part of Louisiana. I found out that there are even different dialects of Cajun French.

The one thing I am really enjoying while writing my books is learning Cajun French. The Internet is a great thing. I have managed to find several great websites to help me with translation.

My dad has also been able to give me the phrases that I am looking for.

While writing I am also able to teach my daughter the language. This has been a great experience for the both of us.

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