I actually had several hours that I could actually sit down and do nothing but right. My husband was still sedated from surgery this morning (and I did feel a little guilty writing while he was knocked out cold but since I was right next to him I figured it was okay). It was just too hot outside for my daughter to go play so all she wanted to do was draw.

Being the excellent mother that I am I gave her paper and all the colors she wanted. If she is occupied then that means I can write. Before I knew it the words were flowing like never before. An hour had passed before I knew it. Hubby was still passed out and daughter just wanted more paper.

Hey, that is easy. I gave her more paper and made sure she didn’t need anything to eat, etc. “no mommy. Leave me alone.”

I took the hint and decided since everyone is taken care of I would go back to my makeshift desk.

It was another two hours before my husband stirred. My daughter most probably went through a ream of paper but she was still happy as could be. “mommy, I’m working on a book too.”

Now, since she is the one that got me into writing I couldn’t wait to take a peak and see what idea was floating around that mind of hers. I was nicely informed that I couldn’t see until she was done. Guess she put me in my place.

After everyone was fed I settled back down I finished several more chapters. I am happy to say I am 76% done with my 4th book.

Thankfully my Multiple Sclerosis behaved somewhat today and allowed me to get some writing done. It’s the simple things in life.

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