Cute things kids say

So I just had to share. Resa (9 yrs old) and I are redecorating her room today. While we are going through her toy box and closet she tells me that she can get rid of these stuffed animals because they are from her childhood. Seriously! And here I was thinking that she is still in her childhood.

Now that we are done for the day though I’m going to sit at my desk and write some more.

Resa’s project for today

Taking a break from writing and helping my youngest redecorate her room. I think I may just have to ban her from pinterest. She has found all kinds of cool ideas for her room now. Right now she is walking around the house to see what she can move into her room. She informed me this way we don’t have to stop and to shopping. Think I’d rather be shopping.

Excerpt from The Hideaway

“Scream all you want, cher, there is no one to hear you.  There is no one to save you.” Her captor stated.

“Please don’t hurt me.  Oh God, please don’t kill me.  I’ll do whatever you want.  Just let me live.”

He chose a beloved torture device to start with.  It was a knife sharpener that he carefully ground down in the shape of a long triangle.  Each side was just as equally sharp.

The Hunter watched the life fade from her eyes.  Her blood had pooled to the floor.  Some of the blood splatter had already started to turn black.